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Case: Left Renal Calculus (Renal Stones)

H/O left pyelolithiasis 17 year

H/O Right Nephrectomy 14 year with Tubular Pyonephrosis

B.P 140/85


  • shows Mild dilatation of all Calyces of Left Kidney with 1.1 cm echogenic shadow -> Lower calyx.

  • Liver, Gallbladder, Bile ducts, Spleen and Urinary Bladder are normal .

  • Right Kidney is absent .

  • Case 1 :Mild Hydronephrosis with Proximal hydroureter

    Dengue fever and its prevention

    Breakbone fever mosquito borne tropical disease ''Dengue Virus''

    Symptoms :-

    Febrile phase

    • Sudden onset fever
    • headache
    • mouth and nose bleeding
    • muscle and joint pains
    • Vomiting
    • rash
    • diarrhea

    Critical phase

    • Hypotension
    • pleural effusion
    • ascites
    • GI bleeding 

    Recovery phase

    • Altered level of consciousness
    • seizures
    • itching
    • slow heart rate

    Common symptoms :

    3.Muscular and joint pain
    4.Skin rash similar to measles

    In small portion of cases :
    Dengue hemorrhage fever resulting bleeding, low level of platelets


    Acute Condition: Supportive (paracetamol)  and Oral or IV rehydration

    • Do not prescribe Aspirin , Ibuprofen and Antibiotics ( Contraindicated) 

    For Severe Cases: IV fluids and blood transfusion

    Prevention: No vaccine but get rid if open source of water.