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Patient Safety WHO


Patient safety : Patient safety is a global health concern as it affects patient in all health care settings whether developed or developing.
Various research studies have shown that an estimated average of 10 percent of all inpatient admission result in a degree of unintended patient harm.
It is estimated that up to 75 percent of these cases in health care delivery can be preventable.

What is Patient safety friendly hospital initiative ?

The initiative involves the implementation of a set of patient safety standards in hospitals.
Abidance by such standards ensures that patient safety is of it most priority and is observed by facilities of staff for achievement of best practices.
The initiative has been pilot tested in 7 countries of the region ( Egypt , Jordon, Morocco,Pakistan , Sudan , Tunisia, Yemen) and experts have been trained to conduct assessment.

What is the purpose of Patient Safety standard ?

Patient Safety standard will provide a frame work for hospitals.

  • It will deliver safer patient care by assessing hospitals.
  • It will help to build capacity of staff regarding patient safety and involving consumers in improving health care safety.

What is Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Assessment and what are its benefits?

its a mechanism developed to assess patient safety hospitals. The assessment is conducted through an external measurement based evolution. It is voluntary for the moment WHO/EMRO regional Adviser Group on patient safety is the primary assessment team for PSFHA.
The benefits if PSFHA include the hospitals would demonstrate their commitment and accountability regarding patient safety to the public.

What is the not of WHO in supporting of Patient Safety Hospital Initiative ?

PSFHI is a WHO initiative arrived at assembling institutions with in countries to launch a comprehensive patient safety program.
Ultimately it is hoped that this initiative will be owned by the institutions and ministries of health.

What are the patient safety standards and how are they organized ?

Patient safety standards are a set of requirement that are critical for the establishment of a patient program at hospital level.
They are organized under five domains each domains in formed of a number of standards.
There are 24 sub domains and for each sub domains a set of standards is utilized to determine complain with the standards.

  • Triage Centre
  • Chanel of Communications
  • hand hygiene 
  • Concert before any procedure
  • Decontamination of the instruments
  • Comments registrars

SOP Standard operating procedure.