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......... commonly used to prevent ischemic hypoxia brain injury out of hospital cardiac arrest?

Therapeutic hypothermia

Brain tumor with estrogen receptors?


The hallmark of prolonged seizure and what the sequelae?

5 minutes...cortical laminar necrosis

Baby becomes floppy after family traveled to .............. or ................... or ......................? 

California, Utah, Pennsylvania have been reported

BB, Primidone, topiramate, Deep brain stimulation or thalamotomy if all else fails

those are Treat for what? 

essential tremor

1st line treatment in pseudotumor cerebri ?. 

Rx: Acetazolamide ----> 1st line---> inhibit choroid plexus carbonic anhydrase↓ CSF and IH. Add

furosemide in pts with continued symptoms

Symptoms refractory to medical therapy or those

with progressive vision loss----> surgical intervention with optic nerve sheath decompression or

lumboperitoneal shunting is recommended.

Short-term use of corticosteroids or serial lumbar

puncture (LP) can serve as bridging therapy for patients awaiting definitive surgical treatment ---> not

recommended as primary intervention due to side effects

Subjective restlessness in a patient on antipsychotics...dx and RX?


beta-blocker ,benzodiazepine

Which artery is affected by Wallenberg syndrome? 


We Add Dexamethasone in meningitis caused by what Bacterial infection?

Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae

MS symptoms last for how long Vs TIA symptoms?

For days and week vs less than 24 hours

In GBS what is the deep tendon reflex would be?

Dec or absent

Which Cranial nerve is responsible for Flavor perception?

cranial nerve VII

DTR that been seen in cyanide toxicity vs Magnesium Toxicity?

hyper vs hypo

Lyme meningitis is bacterial meningitis so what is WBC predominant?


we Dx brain death clinically what is the criteria to Dx it?

absent cortical and brain stem functions. but, the spinal cord may still be functioning; therefore, deep tendon reflexes may be present.

Pulsus Tardus Parvus where do you see them?


What is the BB that is CI in prolonged QT syndrome? 


MCC of erectile dysfunction post-infarction Patient ?


What causes the loss of the normal Right axis deviation in infants?

Tricuspid atresia

Quincke pulse where to see it ?


what is the EKG looks like in Cardiac tamponade?

electrical alternans

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