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Q-1 What is the difference btw Basal ganglia and Cerebellum?

Ans:Basal Ganglia:
2-Emotions works in relationship with Limbic system
3-Recognition and performance (movements) "brake hypothesis"

1-The cerebellum is involved in the coordination of movement
2-The cerebellum is also partly responsible for motor learning, such as riding a bicycle.

Q-2 Histological difference btw Cerebrum and Brain stem?

Ans:Cerebral cortex contain Non-spiny simple neurons (non-myelinated) 20% Sensory neurons 28% Motor neurons
Basal ganglia contain Spiny motor neurons (Myelinated) 80% Motor neurons 20% sensory neurons

Q-3 Neurological Disorders

Ans: Cerebrum: ALzheimer's disease(formation of plaques)(Dimentia)
Thalamus: Asphasia, lesions lead to loss of all sensation,astereognosis
Basal ganglia:Parkinsons disease,Huntingtons Cholera
Ataxia(lack of order)

Reeling, wide-based gait

Decomposition of movement

Inability to correctly sequence fine, coordinated acts


Inability to articulate words correctly, with slurring and inappropriate phrasing


Inability to perform rapid alternating movements

Dysmetria(lack of measurement)

Inability to control range of movement


Decreased muscle tone


Involuntary, rapid oscillation of the eyeballs in a horizontal, vertical, or rotary direction, with the fast component maximal toward the side of the cerebellar lesion

Scanning speech

Slow enunciation with a tendency to hesitate at the beginning of a word or syllable


Rhythmic, alternating, oscillatory movement of a limb as it approaches a target (intention tremor) or of proximal musculature when fixed posture or weight bearing is attempted (postural tremor)

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