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ECG Interpretations

Clinical history 

A 60 year old man with long standing hypertension

A 75 year old asymptomatic woman with a long standing hypertension

An 83 year old man with a recently implanted pacemaker.He has a history of heavy smoking
A 75 year old man with a history of palpitations
A 21 year old man with end stage renal disease
A 34 year old man with Down's syndrome who complains of chest pain
A 65 year old woman taking digoxin for congestive heart failure
A 79 year old man with chronic dyspnea. He is heavy smoker
A 52 year old man with chest pain and hypotension
A 16 year old healthy female with atypical chest pain
An asymptomatic 70 year old man who has been treated with a calcium channel blocking agent for a history of angina

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