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IBS and diet

Upto 20% may benefit from a wheat-free diet, some may respond to lactose exclusion, excess intake of caffeine or artificial sweetners such as sorbitol should be addressed.

-The role of probiotics has yet to be clearly established
-Patient's with intractable symptoms sometimes benefit from several months of therapy with Amitriptyline

-Fibers-rich food such as fruits,vegetables and whole grains (constipation)
-Soluble fibers - apples, berries, carrots and oat meal.
-Gluten free Diet may reduce symptoms - (gluten is in bread and pasta)
-Low Fat Diet-
-Drink plenty of water
-Decrease your caffeine intake
Treatment :

Tegaserod : main problem is Constipation
Alosetron : main problem is Diarrhea

Antispasmodic : Hyoscyamine , Dicyclomine

Remember : Certain foods can help IBS, but everyone is different

reference :
and Davidson Internal Medicine

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