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Immunodeficiency Disorders - ( Easy way to Remember ) - USMLE


B cells normal in numbers ; but decrease in IgG IgM and IgA

  • Recurrent sinopulmonary infections in adults 
  • Decreased response to Antigen stimulation of B cells .
  • NORMAL amount of lymphoid tissues 

Rx : IV immunoglobulins

X-linked (Bruton) Agammaglobulinemia :

  • Male Children 
  • B cells and Lymphoid tissue are diminished 
  • Absence of the tonsils, adenoids , lymph nodes . T cell NORMAL 



Combined so Both B and T cells - related to both : B cells : recurrent sinopulmonary infection as early 6 month. T cells : Candida , AIDS , PCP

Rx : BMT

IgA deficiency :

  • sinopulmonary infections : Difference it also have Atopic diseases , Anaphylaxis to blood tranfusion when blood is given from a patient who has normal levels of IgA
  • Sprue like condition with fat malabsorption 

Rx : infections and use blood from igA-deficient donors or that has been washed.

Hyper IgE: skin infections with staph.

lymph nodes with purulent material leaking out . Abnormal NBT testing .

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