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Oral ulcers.

Aphthous ulcers( canker sores)

Superficial erosions, often covered with a gray-white exudate and having an erythematous rim
triggered by stress, fever, ingestion of certain foods, and activation of inflammatory bowel disease
an autoimmune basis is suspected

Herpetic stomatitis

Virus persists in a dormant state within ganglia about the mouth (e.g., trigeminal ganglia)
caused by fever, sun or cold exposure, respiratory tract infection, trauma
cold sores or fever blisters

Oral Candidiasis, thrush, moniliasis(fungal infection)

Diabetes mellitus, anemia, antibiotic or glucocorticoid therapy, immunodeficiency, or debilitating illnesses such as disseminated cancer
fungi can be identified within these pseudomembranes as boxcar-like chains of tubular cells producing pseudohyphae from which bud ovoid yeast forms

AIDS and Kaposi Sarcoma .

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