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Atlectasis and its Types.

Loss of lung volume caused by inadequate expansion of airspaces

shunting of inadequately oxygenated blood from pulmonary arteries into veins, thus giving rise to a ventilation-perfusion imbalance and hypoxia

superimposed infection is a significant problem


Resorption Atelectasis:

Obstruction of bronchus by mucopurulent plug, usually postoperatively but may also complicate bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis
aspiration of foreign bodies, particularly in children

Compression Atelectasis:

Accumulations of fluid, blood, or air within the pleural cavity
bedridden patients, in patients with ascites, and in patients during and after surgery; due to compression by diaphragm

Contraction Atelectasis:

Cicatrization due to any chronic infection or inflammation.

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