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Bones of Limbs

Bones of Upper Limb :

Clavicle :

Scapular :

Humerus :

Radius :

Ulnar :

The bones of forearm:

Bones of Hand :

Metacarpal bones and Phalanges of fingers :

Bones of Lower Limb :

Pelvic Girdle :

Hip Bone :

composition: pelvic girdle includes ilium, ischium and pubis. They are united to form the hip bone.

position: articulate with the sacrum and coccyx to form the bony pelvis

shape:large, flattened, irregular bone, constricted in the center and
expanded above and below. Until puberty the bones are
separated by a cartilage, and fused at 15-17 years old, or little
or no trace of their lines of fuse is visible in adult

Ilium :

Ischium :

Pubis :


a deep, cupshaped, hemispherical depression, directed downwards, outwards and forwards. Formed medially by pubis, above by the ilium, laterally and below by the ischium.

The bones of free lower limb



Tibia and Fibular:

Bones of foot:

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