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The Glomerular Syndromes.

Nephritic syndrome: Hematuria, azotemia, variable proteinuria, oliguria, edema, and hypertension
Nephrotic syndrome: >3.5 gm proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipidemia, lipiduria

Acute renal failure: oliguria or anuria (no urine flow), with recent onset of azotemia. It can result from glomerular injury (such as crescentic glomerulonephritis), interstitial injury, vascular injury (such as thrombotic microangiopathy), or acute tubular necrosis

Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis: Acute nephritis, proteinuria, and acute renal failure with microscopic hematuria, dysmorphic red blood cells and casts in the urine

Chronic renal failure: Azotemia and uremia progressing for years, end result of all chronic renal diseases.

Asymptomatic hematuria or proteinuria: Glomerular hematuria; subnephrotic proteinuria.

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