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Mantoux test.

PPD Testing.

Delayed hypersensitivity to PPD( purified protein derivative)

0.1 mL of PPD induces a visible and palpable induration (at least 5 mm in diameter) that peaks in 48 to 72 hours

It does not differentiate between infection and disease

False-negative reactions (or skin test anergy)

viral infections
Hodgkin's lymphoma
overwhelming active tuberculous disease.

False-positive reactions may also result from infection by atypical mycobacteria.

only a small fraction of those who contract an infection develop active disease.

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  1. I had a test done and it really hurt when she put it in my skin, I had it done Jan 3rd the 1st time and it was negitave now its a red area surrounded a by another lite red area, Please tell me I dont have TB